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This painting thing is NOT a 9 to 5 job; it’s much harder.  I had a “style” when I was very ill, dictated by the amount of time I could sit up, and by a roller-coaster of emotions that flowed out onto the page.

That structure/impetus is gone, and I have to push myself into heaven knows what.  It’s terrifying, frankly — and I have no desire to see what others are doing or what is popular.  I am trying many different things under the sun, and I have no idea when or if I will “land” on something that feels like mine.  I’ll stare at what I’ve done, and know that I have to push it further; I’m not satisfied.  But pushing it is risky.  For every painting that is “OK”, there are 5 more in the trash.  This is when I really regret the lost 20 years.

It’s actually time to submit an application to be in the August 2010 art fair here, and no way am I able to do that.  I can’t present myself to the public with a bit of this and a bit of that.

But I can show them to you:-)

Meanwhile, I trod the frozen shores and look within..

This is something I get asked about a lot; what do they teach you in art school?  The short answer it that they don’t.  Anyone who has seen the movie “Art School Confidential” will come away no longer regretting that they “missed something”.

But (there’s always a but – right?) — even tho the teachers don’t do much teaching, what you do get is an amazing amount of studio time to develop your skill as you watch others and learn about the great artists of the past.  Each class (like sculpting 101) is called a “studio” and is 4 hours long. You have 2 studios/day, which means you are working at developing your art skills (painting, drawing, glassblowing, soldering, etc.) 8 hours a day, including Saturday.  That’s 48 hrs/week, and that doesn’t count time in the evening finishing up a piece or two.

That is how we really learn in art school  Learning to question, to try, to fail, to “see”, to steady the eye-hand coordination. And you do it YOURSELF!  Don’t ask me what the professors were doing; I vaguely remember them walking around:-)

I got off the track for a long time, but am now able to replicate this time spent honing my craft by painting every day and every hour that I can.  By going to the library and actually reading about the artists I was supposed to be studying back then. I have my own “studios”, and I’m teaching myself to use many different kinds of media, as well as cramming in all I can about color and composition.

We’re all self-taught; don’t you think?

Rachel Makepeace suggested I share this w everyone.  I had to go into a hobby shop to get something for a doll I’m making and found these letters discontinued and reduced to pennies!!  They look big in the picture, but they’re really only 2″ high.  The window is just to the left of the chair I ususaly work in, so it’s quite fun, actually.

It’s a bit like naming my studio, and since I’m not selling or known at all yet, it’s great fun:-)

I’ve been painting up a storm, but not enough yet to see a pattern.  Since I quit painting 20 yrs ago, and am just now starting again and trying different mediums, these are all “experiments”.  I hope they’re part of a path to my “own sytle” but I won’t know that until I have a coherent body of work.

To see what I’ve been up to, just click on any of the pictures at the right which will take you to my flickr where you can browse or not, as you choose.

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So glad to report that my mojo is working again:-)  I don’t know how long it will stay, but I’m dee-lighted.  Trying lots of different things ……. playing and sketching.  So, most of it’s not proficient, but at least it’s happening!!

You’ll have to click on the “Yoga” pic to see that I’m working on fingers (and toes!).  The “Crazy Fried Eggs” is acrylic paint (which is really plastic) poured onto glass, then cured for 24 hrs, and lifted up and pasted down on the painting.  See, it isn’t just Jackson Pollack:-)  (whom I do not like).

I’m not unpacked, my studio isn’t set up properly, and learning all the new ropes is taking a LOT more energy than I realized it would.

Until I get back to painting, check out this artist on “Ukraine’s Got Talent”.  I think she’s quite something. She’s depicting Germany’s invasion of the Ukraine in WW II, which is why people are crying (I think).


Since I’m stuck w strep throat, there’s no painting going on here, so I thought it might be fun to look at some famous paintings and learn a bit about them.  Most of you know this one; it’s “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso.  The Basque town of Guernica, Spain was totally destroyed in quite a brutal way during the Spanish Civil War by Generalissimo Franco w the help of Hitler. 

Picasso had been commissioned to paint a mural for the 1937 world’s fair in Paris, but he remained uninspired.  When the news of the Guernica destruction hit the Paris newspapers, Picasso saw in stark black and white just what had happened, and he began to draw “Guernica”.

The painting was not well-received by art critics at the time, but the power of the images is so strong that I would say it has become an icon; perhaps the most famous anti-war painting of all time.

I did get to see this once, but can’t remember where.  I do remember that I had to sit down and alternate studying it with looking away because the effect was so powerful.  Even now when I see a tiny image of it , I feel like I felt while looking at it.

Nothing soothing here.  From the almost blk and white starkness to each line and shape, it all cries of anguish and suffering.  My memory is that it is about 25′ long from side to side,  and 12′ high/

Please tell me what you think about this painting. Love? Hate? Boredom?  No matter what you think go here  to go inside this painting in a 3-D movie created by Lena Gieseke.  It is INCREDIBLE!

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