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Since there will be many posts closer to or on May 12, I am posting now to reflect on how devastating this illness is, how hundreds of thousands of people suffer silently, and how much COURAGE it takes to live like this — year after year after year after ……

I have had CFS for over 20 yrs, and altho I can now function normally on most days, I was recently made aware of how vulnerable our population is.  The state of Illinois is bankrupt, and funding for the free, books on tape service will end by August.  It was not long ago that I wasn’t able to read at all, and depended on this service for my very existence.  Altho my body was very sick, my mind still needed and wanted stimulation.  I’ve done the usual phone calls, letters and emails to state government officials, but I”m not sure they matter much when money is tight, and a huge population of people who cannot read for various reasons, is invisible.

I am not an eloquent wordsmith, so I leave you with a visual designed by the always visually eloquent Rachel Creative

Altho this blog is primarily about art, I think I can take at least one day of the year to take note of the illness that circumscribes my life.  When I first came down with what Americans call Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I was totally bedbound and extremely weak.  Watercolors were no longer a part of my life, but I couldn’t give up art, so I began using colored markers and stick figures!

I’ve made progress since then with both the illness and my artwork, but watercolors are still out.  Funnily, that’s what I majored in at art school.  And the way I learned it and then practiced it for 20 years was that you work on a painting until it is finished.

I can only work for a limited period of time and then I have to lie down and rest.  Some days, I’m too ill; others are much better.  So pause for just a minute to think about having your ability to do art, to work, to clean house, to cook, to hike, taken away overnight.

Myalgic encephamyalitis (ME) is what it’s called in the rest of the world, and is more appropriate since this is a neurological condition that affects every part of the body and brain.



I’m new to the blogging world (such a dinosaur!), but I need a place to share my thoughts on art, life, chronic fatigue syndrome, and the myriad of subjects that intrigue me.

Art IS my way of living – with or without CFS. It has always put me in a state of what artists call “flow”, but it is surely a state of unconsciousness of some kind. I try to remember to turn the phone off, I center myself, often light a candle and say a prayer, turn towards my paints and brushes, and the next thing I know, it’s 4 hrs later!

Here’s my process of yesterday: a textural collage.  I actually started this as a background for some painting (that would come to me later:-), but I like it very much and am going to let it “perk” for awhile on it’s own.

note:  bad photo, the colors at the bottom are a true representation of the whole piece.  I’m too tired to take another photo  (you’re gonna read “too tired” a lot).


textured collage

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