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Since there will be many posts closer to or on May 12, I am posting now to reflect on how devastating this illness is, how hundreds of thousands of people suffer silently, and how much COURAGE it takes to live like this — year after year after year after ……

I have had CFS for over 20 yrs, and altho I can now function normally on most days, I was recently made aware of how vulnerable our population is.  The state of Illinois is bankrupt, and funding for the free, books on tape service will end by August.  It was not long ago that I wasn’t able to read at all, and depended on this service for my very existence.  Altho my body was very sick, my mind still needed and wanted stimulation.  I’ve done the usual phone calls, letters and emails to state government officials, but I”m not sure they matter much when money is tight, and a huge population of people who cannot read for various reasons, is invisible.

I am not an eloquent wordsmith, so I leave you with a visual designed by the always visually eloquent Rachel Creative


Yikes, I’ve taken on a big task.  A UK friend has written a book and  needed an American to read it and make sure it would be understandable to Americans.  I volunteered because she has done many nice things for me.

I just printed it and it’s over 100 pages!  I’m going to take it a bit at a time, since reading is hard with my CFS.  I sure hope it doesn’t interfere w any of my art “urges”, but we’ll have to see.  I said I would do it and I try to keep my word.

Stay tuned:-)

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