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Venturing Into The Unknown

Posted on: February 21, 2010

This painting thing is NOT a 9 to 5 job; it’s much harder.  I had a “style” when I was very ill, dictated by the amount of time I could sit up, and by a roller-coaster of emotions that flowed out onto the page.

That structure/impetus is gone, and I have to push myself into heaven knows what.  It’s terrifying, frankly — and I have no desire to see what others are doing or what is popular.  I am trying many different things under the sun, and I have no idea when or if I will “land” on something that feels like mine.  I’ll stare at what I’ve done, and know that I have to push it further; I’m not satisfied.  But pushing it is risky.  For every painting that is “OK”, there are 5 more in the trash.  This is when I really regret the lost 20 years.

It’s actually time to submit an application to be in the August 2010 art fair here, and no way am I able to do that.  I can’t present myself to the public with a bit of this and a bit of that.

But I can show them to you:-)

Meanwhile, I trod the frozen shores and look within..

15 Responses to "Venturing Into The Unknown"

I love them! I’ve just joined an art club run by my neighbours. You are giving me ideas.

You see, if I’d produced what you produce I’d think they were good enough to exhibit. Do you not think so? Well, obviously not. But I’d love to see these displayed. Such colour.

Oh, I’m so glad to hear you’ve joined an art club! A club will not have any pressure so it should be unadulterated fun:-)

If I do have any signature it IS color; so thanks for your comment.

wise words Nina.

well thats all part of being creativity….finding new paths and new responses and you’re right…It is scary but at least you have the courage and determination to try and honour the gifts you have.

I think these paintings are rather fine. I especially like the first one: beautiful colours and composition. In the end I think you’re responding to a new place and new sights and new experiences and it takes time to digest those and find some kind of reslove in your self expression and one that you’re pleased with, that resonates…but that will come and you’ll recognise the worth in what you’re producing already ;O)

you’ve pegged it, cusp. Another creative soul reaching out to give me a hand on the shoulder — I can feel it:-) Thanks!

I love these, Nina, especially the second one — the colors, the texture.

Thanks Toni. That second one actually isn’t finished. I want to apply some random fake gold leaf, but haven’t found one I can afford yet:-)

I think I’m seeing the recovery process before my very eyes. And what you’ve written about being terrified and lost so resonates with my experience. However, I had no art practice before becoming disabled, so none to lose. No lost years to regret. I agree with the comments already left.

Are you sure you should be trashing so much work? Why not let it sit somewhere out of sight for a while?

Thanks, my friend. I do let some of them sit. But when I can clearly see that it’s wrong, I will gesso over and start fresh. Ahhh, the beauty of acrylic paint:-)

I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to tell you I love your artwork! Beautiful.

Thanks so much for your kind words:-) and stop by any time.

lovely works Nina – my sort of thing, I like gazing at pictures like these. Only wish I had the ability to do similar – another item on the list of things I would like to try. I used to do some oil painting years and years ago but it was more representational. But I had fun doing pencil drawings of real subjects and making them abstract, concentrating on unifying tones and breaking free from forms. If that makes sense.

Anyway. Be well, take care

Thanks Adam. I used to teach teenagers who had been told everything must be representational (I used to paint that way, too), so I started them out by saying “whatever you do must be the wrong color”. Green skies and orange grass — good. Nothing wrong w representational…….it’s good training. But it can turn people off of art, if they think they can’t do it “right” ……….so I like to encourage:-)

I say go for it, these are beautiful and deserve to be seen. The real courage comes when you put your imagery on the paper even if you are the only one who sees it. But when you are also courageous enough to share with others you give them a priceless gift by your example. never forget that.

Thanks, Sue. I am very much cheered by your blog, and your wonderful insights.

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