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Which Way? Poll

Posted on: January 28, 2010

Many “experts” say abstract painting should be able to hang up, down, or sideways.  I recently completed one, and would love to know what you think.

Here’s A  

and here’s B

Please let me know which you like better, or if it’s a toss-up!!

5 Responses to "Which Way? Poll"

I preferred A but I don’t know if that’s because I saw it first. And how about end on? Cosmic painting.

I like A, too. But I don’t know why…

I like A and I do know why! At least for this picture, for me it’s to do with where the “space” is.

There’s a principle in typesetting that a block of text should generally have a wider space below it than above it. If the bottom margin is narrower than the top one, it feels as if the text is falling out of the page, but if the bottom margin is wider, it fees as if the text is floating on top of the white space.

I think it’s the same with this picture: in version A the “heavier” elements are being pushed upwards and supported by the pale blue below them, keeping them in the picture; in version B they’re free to drop out of the picture.

That’s how I react to it, at least. Though I’m not an artist, just someone who’s done a reasonable amount of typesetting.

Tim – that’s a tremendous insight; thanks. I agree w you and I wasn’t sure why:-) Now, I know. And I should have known, bec when matting a painting, you almost always want to leave more mat at the bottom than at the top or sides to “anchor” the composition. I think you’re talking about the same thing.

I hope you’ll stop by again and give me the benefit of your “non-artistic” eye!!

All I can really say is that at least for me it’s the same feeling. And that I probably wouldn’t have been able to identify it either if I’d not read somewhere about the “text falling out of the page” effect, which I instantly recognised as being right. Before then, I was just aware that narrow space at the bottom felt wrong.

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