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Right Brain or Left Brain – you may be surprised

Posted on: December 27, 2009

3 Responses to "Right Brain or Left Brain – you may be surprised"

Hey Nina! that is fascinating about the brain. I have always loved medical stuff! When my Mother had a major stroke years ago….they didn’t think she would do very well from the worst point of where she finally was…(almost a vegetable) if that makes sense….anyway, because my Dad could afford it we kept her in therapy for several years and she did in fact regain some things on the paralyzed side…even a little more years later.And she was quick minded! She couldn’t talk but had her own sweet jibberish and wasn’t afraid to express herself. They used her at one point to encourage those who had Aphasia and couldn’t or wouldn’t talk…. to express themselves with sounds and emotion in the sounds….she did it naturally. I can mimmick her language!….a talent?…not!! I have always been intrigued with the different sides of the brain ever since then also because she could SING words but couldn’t speak them. Is that to say that music is one side ? People were always amazed at her and she was always so jovial and laughing and embracing people and their interests….even though she was fairly paralized on her right side . She could manipulate that wheel chair with one hand like no one else! The Doctors advised against a motorized chair because she wouldn’t be using needed muscles. They were right. She died at 83 and was in a wheel chair for fourteen years. Anyway, I always believed the brain could repair it self because of watching her!

Forgot to add… soap box for awhile was to KEEP old people and others in Therapy longer than the six weeks that is usually (WAS!)covered by insurance!!! They need to be there longer and consistently….to continue to heal and have a quality life instead of….”well, she’s done…no hope for her to get better”….WRONG!! And I see SOOO many that are just given up on….and they sit in their wheel chair and waste away!!! My Dad’s mission in life with her was….every little podunk restaurant they liked to go eat at…where they now in a wheel chair couldn’t get in….he would offer to pay and design and organize to have a ramp built for them. They all did it, because they also got more business…since my Mom couldn’t cook anymore. He died at 86. They were unique and movers and shakers where they could! And both very sharp up to the day they died. He had a small wreck and his kidneys began to fail….he refused dialysis to live out the rest of time at home…down the street from me. It was a good position for me to be in to take care of them!!

AACCK!!!! Forgot to ask….HOW ARE YOU??? Are you painting?

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