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Feeling a bit more like a real thing!

Posted on: December 2, 2009

Rachel Makepeace suggested I share this w everyone.  I had to go into a hobby shop to get something for a doll I’m making and found these letters discontinued and reduced to pennies!!  They look big in the picture, but they’re really only 2″ high.  The window is just to the left of the chair I ususaly work in, so it’s quite fun, actually.

It’s a bit like naming my studio, and since I’m not selling or known at all yet, it’s great fun:-)


6 Responses to "Feeling a bit more like a real thing!"

Surely, you mean two feet not two inches. At least I hope so! I love them. Congratulations on naming your studio.

Nina, thx for stopping by our wasatch back artist gallery! I have loved being introduced to your art. I’m looking forward to seeing more and hearing about your “pattern.” All the best to you! trina

When I was studying at uni, some lectures encouraged us to start thinking like an accountant. Attitude gives a lot of advancement in your career.

I think naming your studio and decorate it with those letters have the similar affect on your mind. 🙂

Very good point;-) Hope it works!

What a great idea! And you ARE a real thing honey!

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