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Painting again!

Posted on: October 23, 2009

So glad to report that my mojo is working again:-)  I don’t know how long it will stay, but I’m dee-lighted.  Trying lots of different things ……. playing and sketching.  So, most of it’s not proficient, but at least it’s happening!!

You’ll have to click on the “Yoga” pic to see that I’m working on fingers (and toes!).  The “Crazy Fried Eggs” is acrylic paint (which is really plastic) poured onto glass, then cured for 24 hrs, and lifted up and pasted down on the painting.  See, it isn’t just Jackson Pollack:-)  (whom I do not like).


5 Responses to "Painting again!"

How great to have your mojo back! There’s a lot of energy in them fried eggs. Go girl!

So glad you are painting again…I love your colorful art!

It’s great to see your paintings again. I love the red with the other colors in “Crazy Fried Eggs.”

Hi…you are in gut art class with me, I recognized your “fried eggs” painting. You had left a comment some time ago on my blog and I clicked on your name because I was wondering if it was the same Nina who is taking the class…and it is 🙂 I see some of your other work on the flickr photos…

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