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The Best Summer of My Life

Posted on: September 29, 2009

lakewhite tops


8 Responses to "The Best Summer of My Life"

Has it been? How wonderful.

yep — considering that I lived in Washington, DC before; I had nowhere to go but up. And the Lake feeds my soul:-)

that is good – great pictures – you SURE that’s not the sea?? 😉

Fresh water, girlfriend:-) There are 5 Great Lakes in the US, all around here. Together, they’re the largest body of fresh water on the planet. Think I should work for “Welcome to the US”?

They are great photos!
Very different from the video of quiet beach. 🙂

I’m glad that you have a favourite place you can go.

ha ha, you could probably fit the UK in that lake (never mind the other 4!)

I grew up right on the Pacific Ocean in California. The first time I saw one of the Great Lakes (it was Lake Superior — we were in Ontario, Canada), the surf was so high and the expanse so vast, I could not believe it wasn’t an ocean!

So happy for you. Especially since I know what it took to get you there. Well done!

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