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Leaving friends, finding friends

Posted on: June 14, 2009

My neighbors invited me over for brunch, and it’s my third “good-bye” party — interesting for someone who’s been mostly home bound:-)  I wanted to give them something of myself, but much of my “tools” are packed up.  So, I did a small collage and mounted it on black foam core board.    I hope they like it.


collage de mer

At the same time, I’ve made a new online friend who is quite an amazing person, and I’ve hooked up with an artist in Chicago who is going to “show me the ropes”.

Sad and glad.  Keeping my eyes facing forward as I have 2 weeks to finish up in this house which is no longer mine!


Just a word about collage.  Many people do collages using pictures from magazines and collected bits of stuff.  I have tried that several times, and just can’t do it for the life of me!  But this kind of work with translucent color and some pattern is fun for me.  I paint tissue paper with diluted acrylics because store-bought colored tissue is unstable and the color fades too easily.  Then I overprint some of it with stamps, brayers and other tools.  The process of tearing up bits of paper and deciding where to put them is very spontaneous.  Altho I can rest at any time (which is great), decisions happen in the moment – there can be no plan ahead of time.  I’ve been making much larger collages, but decided to try this smaller size (about 6″ x 10″) and find that it’s easier to manage.  I think it might sell better, also……..if I ever get around to that:-)


7 Responses to "Leaving friends, finding friends"

Absolutely wonderful to read your posts and see your collage. So much vitality. I rejoice.

“The process of tearing up bits of paper and deciding where to put them is very spontaneous.”

That’s what I’m doing with threads, and it’s scary! I feel very insecure.

Two weeks to Chicago. Yea!

I love this collage.

Letting go is tearing too. Jo x

“letting go is tearing too”. Wow – I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for mentioning it. Fascinating.

can’t wait to hang out with you!!! i love the collage…praying that all goes well. please stay in touch!

Will do!! I need to get me some of your mojo:-)

Hi Nina .. hope all is well with you!!
I really like this collage … im not very good at creating other images from magazine pages etc …

Love this collage. You might like the paintings made by a friend of mine in Cambridge (UK) who uses a similar technique.

Pray the move is going well

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