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Where’s Nina???

Posted on: May 18, 2009

Nina is packing!!  House is sold and now the messy work begins:-)  Obviously, I can only do so much at a time and then I have to rest (Serious Rest).  So, it’s slow, but it’s happening.  In 5 weeks, I’ll be in Chicago!!

What a long trek.  This has taken 3 years – oh my.  A good 3 years of paring down and paring down some more. And then paring down.  Leaving behind a husband, a home, and a town that is too hot in climate and too crazily self-involved in politics!

I’m proud of myself at what I’ve accomplished!!  There have only been isolated moments in my life when I’ve been able to say that.

Hang in with me folks and painting will return:-) Promise!


10 Responses to "Where’s Nina???"

Hooray!! (Sounds of corks popping). New beginnings on the horizon for both of us. How exciting.

I’ve got three weeks to my move and fed up with the process already. Why do we have so much stuff?

Many congratulations on the sale of your house!

I’ve actually been getting rid of stuff for the last 3 years, and I think I still have too much for a 1-bedroom apt:-) I will go thru everything again as I pack and there will be a final accounting of exactly which books are “must-keep”:-)

How wonderful your home sold so fast. Good news! Hope your move goes very well and you are able to get back to your beautiful artwork..

Thanks, Renee, for your kind thoughts. From your lips to G-d’s ears, as my grandmother used to say:-)

Yeah! Wonderful. I’m so pleased for you. Hope all that long prep and clearance makes packing as smooth as can be.

I’m now asking HER to protect you from getting massive payback and flare up.

I read this from somewhere that you should pack a suitcase as if you are going for a long holiday. This way, you can still get by even you have absolutely no energy left to unpack…

Oh yes, this is a good idea. Who knows when the movers will come w all my stuff! And Roxie’ stuff (much more important).

Great news: all your hard work and planning paid off !

Well done, dear friend! Well done.

Well, I know you’re not done, but my oh my, what an accomplishment!

I rejoice in your pride of accomplishment.

Looking for roommate – UofM —

Nina, is that you???

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