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Is Selling Your Home An Art?

Posted on: May 9, 2009

I honestly can’t answer that one myself, but if so, I’d rather be painting.  Besides having to clean up any mess I make immediately (which means no “up to my elbows” art for me), if I’m here, I get to listen to complaints about this place I’ve been creating for 23 years.  And answer questions, questions, and more questions.

It’s a bit taxing, but I really have nothing to complain about.  The open house isn’t until tomorrow, but I’ve already had over 100 people tramping through here today.  I knew it would be a popular home (location, location location) so I just have to tough it out until we get the bidding war I’m hoping for.

But poo! No painting posts for a while.  Thanks to everyone who responded to my previous post – that was tremendously helpful.

So here she is in all her spring glory.  My broker calls it “a pampered bungalow” 🙂



11 Responses to "Is Selling Your Home An Art?"

I only had ten people tramping through my little house and i’m exhausted. It’s saying the same things over and over I find trying. The agent seems to send anybody, regardless of whether the house will be suitable for them or not.

Your house looks like a little gem. You must be torn up to be leaving it.

Hang in there. It’ll be over soon.

Jo – I think it’s kinda cool that we’re doing this at the same time:-) Here, it takes about 4-6 weeks after you get an offer until you can go to settlement (the legal stuff). I’m kinda thinking you’ll get to you’re destination before I will. Hey, we’re both heading west!

good luck with it all!

I love your home. Such beautiful landscaping. 23 yrs is a long time. Good luck to both you and Jozephine on selling your homes.

I love your house. And it will be really sad when you say good-bye. At the same time, it’s nice that you are starting a new life at the place your soul belongs.

Please keep us updated how the sale goes.

But selling your home will, in the long term, give you more opportunity to paint and create. To be settled and comfortable and free will I hope be a source of great inspiration. So this pause in creating is an investment for the future.

Fingers crossed for a smooth and profitable sale!

Oh it looks so lovely. We’re thinking of moving at the moment and selling our house…..

If we weren’t in UK I’d think about buying yours… ;0)

It is so beautiful, Nina. And this could not be a better time to show it at its best.

Location, location, location, yes. But also, presentation, presentation, presentation. (I learned that from a very professional agent when we were forced to sell our house in the Inner Harbor.)

You are SO right! This is walk to subway with a primo elementary school around the corner. Other amenities in walking distance, too.

I spent these last 3 years getting rid of stuff and working on the “staging”. Nice to think that I got it right:-)

But it IS nice to be able to spread out my paints again!!

Hi Nina

I’m approving your request to join and just came by to say hello. If you didn’t ask to join the group, please let me know.

My oh my your house is a little treasure and I can see how people would absolutely fall in love with it. Here’s wishing you a frenzied bidding war and a great price!!! : )


I love your pampered bungalow!! Glad we are in a couple art groups together 🙂

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