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Cleaning up the workspace

Posted on: April 30, 2009

What the heck have I been doing?  Well, I’m going to be putting the house on the market soonishlooking straight into the room, so I have been cleaning!  And worst of all has been my “studio space”.  Please tell me what you think of this.  I’ve packed up supplies until I couldn’t stand it any more.  If you were looking at a house that is very spare except for this room (which I really, really need to keep as a working studio), would you be put off? HELP!  I need feedback.

unusually organized - is it enough?


8 Responses to "Cleaning up the workspace"

I think it looks in great order for a work studio, especially if you or the realtor tell people who come through that that’s how you use this space. It’s uncluttered enough that prospective buyers can easily envision how they’d use the room. That’s the key, I’m told.

I think you could ask the estate agent for their opinion.
I agree with Toni that the room is in good order.

I agree with Toni….it is your workspace and that is how it should be presented to the realtors.

It wouldn’t put me off. And I’m not saying that because I’m comfortable with artist’s work spaces. It’s tidy and clean and light and airy. I get a good impression of how much space there is in there.

Would this be an office or den for “other people”? Or would it be used as something different like a dining room? I think with any of those uses the furniture in the room gives a good impression of how the room could be used.

thanks everyone. I’m really glad you see it as “tidy” and changeable into something else. That’s what I was going for.

The real estate agent is coming today, so I’ll let you know if she puts the kabosh on any more painting until the house is sold. I’m keeping my fingers crossed:-)

It looks tidy and inviting to me. Very attractive.

It looks tidy to me. I think as others the light and the fact people see how it could be used are important to buyers. It is a cool space for creating. I bet you will miss it.

It looks fine to me to…
Maybe it is because I am an artist that I think like this.. But if I where to see your house and came looking in this room.. I would be fasinated..
I love working studios.. And making art gives a great atmosfear to a house..

Good luck with your sale..

greeting from Sweden..

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