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Fire in the Belly

Posted on: April 24, 2009




Received these thoughts today from the Robert Genn artist’s newsletter.  It doesn’t just apply to artists, but it certainly (unintentionally) shows the difference between artists w CFS/ME and those whose energy is not drained away.

” “How does an artist maintain the energy levels, motivation, and passion to realize her dreams? As hard as I try, I still get bogged down by others’ condescension, the financial aspects, and time management. How do you keep the fire burning when you’re so fizzled out?”

 Artists need to be self-sustaining, private, “follow-your-bliss” islands unto themselves. Self-directed and independent, they make their own fizz. But artists need to realize that there are more than a few ways to become enthusiastic and motivated. One size does not fit all. Not surprisingly, artists with obsessive-compulsive tendencies and an addiction to work appear to be the keeners.

One way to understand motivation is to look at the symbols represented by the things we do. A passion for kayaking, for example, might represent a desire for freedom or escape. That of dancing, for romance and love. Among other things, painting can represent a desire to re-order the universe or simply to fill the beauty gap. Nothing wrong with those. These passions, whether intrinsic or learned, are integral parts of our natures and need to be honoured. When we begin to understand our symbols, we can get on with the more mechanistic of the ploys–head down, focus, shutout or postponement of impedimenta, pump priming, multitasking and the wisdom of time-management.

Furthermore, amateurs have a wisdom that professionals know not of. One can learn from amateurs. Successful self-motivators at any level are able to regularly return to their beginner-minds and rekindle earlier enthusiasms. Never underestimate your inner kid.

Artists also need to be aware of their personal blockers–people, places and things–and be prepared to substitute positive over negative. 

YEESH!  I get exhausted just reading about the amount of energy necessary to market myself.  

oh, by the way, that painting above is of my 5th floor apartment when I move to Chicago and what I plan to bring to my new life!


3 Responses to "Fire in the Belly"

Nina, This is a great piece. I agree with the marketing statement. This part of the artist’s life can be really overwhelming. I’ve committed myself to working a few hours each day on marketing in hopes to keep down the anxiety of it all. Doing a little something helps chip away at the mountain.

Hey there Nina! Thanks for sharing your blog..I don’t believe I have ever stopped by before. Hope all is well with you today.

Interesting insights. I wonder if my lack of creative stamina is also part of my CFS? It has always been there.

Thanks for your message by the way. I will respond when I get back from Wales.

cheers, Jo.

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