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Soul Manifested on Paper

Posted on: April 11, 2009

Girl With A Balloon

Usually, we go through our days and do what we need to do, with only a vague sense of our mood. Taking the time to paint how I feel gives me a strong sense of centered-ness.  I exist; this is who I am; take it or leave it.

These two paintings were done on plain ‘ole cheesecloth “glued” down with lightweight patching plaster from the hardware store.  It gives a very rough surface and practically forces you to work w a free style; no tiny details here.

 I adhered the plaster/cheesecloth paintings to watercolor paper with a wash of color on it.  I really like this technique.  It suits my spontaneous style.  I think I’ll be doing more of them.



7 Responses to "Soul Manifested on Paper"

I LOVE this style! And I would love to see more of it.
Could this be one of your signature styles?

It definitely could be one of my signatures styles. I”ll have to see where things go. It makes a big difference in my improvement if I can paint every day. Right now, that’s not possible………..but soon!

Little at a time. Don’t forget pacing! 😀
I know it sounds pathetic coming from my mouth. 😉

Beautiful Nina. They just lift my spirits. I love the colors your chose. Please do more!


Nothing makes me happier than to hear that they lift your spririts. Especially being homebound, I want so much to make a difference!

It must feel great to have found this technique that so perfectly allows you to express yourself. Can’t tell you enough how I rejoice at seeing what you are producing now. Makes my heart sing!

If I am in any way responsible for a singing heart, that’s my definition of SUCCESS!!

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