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Posted on: April 8, 2009

What objects do you use everyday?  The one or two things that you laugh to yourself that you’d like to insure.  That you reach for again and again.   New items come and go, and you try them out; but your old standards are just that.And suddenly, it’s 25 yrs later, and you’re still relying on those old faves that fit your hand so perfectly.  

As a painter using primarily acrylics, brushes are at my right hand, as well as all the acrylic mediums that make the paint do wonderful things.  brushes

And I wouldn’t be able to call myself a mixed-media artist if I didn’t have the requisite pens, pencils, and other marking tools. Oh yes, paint and spackle, too!


But here are my secret weapons.  The tools that I’ve had for my entire adult life.  The tools that make most of what I do possible.  An 18″ ruler with a cork backing (no slippage) and my very, very sharp exacto knife.


So tell me, what are your favorite tools?  A camera?  Needles and thread?  A sewing machine?  A computer or iPhone?  (really. I understand you can make art with them).  A soldering iron?  Spray paint for grafitti? Sculpting tools or chisels? A Day-Timer? Please share ……..I find this subject endlessly fascinating.  And I believe that everyone is creative in what they do, whether they wield a telephone or a paintbrush!!


8 Responses to "A FEW of MY FAVORITE THINGS"

My vegetable knife that I’ve had since i first left home thirty years ago.

Yes! EXACTLY what I had in mind:-) Your vegetable knife of 30 yrs – isn’t it amazing how certain objects contribute to our peace of mind as well as our creativity? Because we know it’s there for us, we can venture out and explore a bit. Cooking, painting, being a CEO – all creative endeavors IMHO.

My FAVORITE things? Now that is a very hard question. I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

No fair!! Ya gotta play — that’s what’s interesting.

I just found your blog and am really enjoying it! Love your art!
My favorite tools are pens and paper…and what I can do with them 🙂

YES! Those “basic” things that are so 2nd nature to our lives that we usually don’t stop to appreciate them! Good to hear from you.

My favourite things – that would be my watercolours and chinese brushes. I got my fist box of watercolours as a present from my grandfather 20 years ago. I still use the same old battered tin box, although I have bought new colours over and over again since then. I have dabbled in many mediums since then (acrylics, textiles, block printing, mixed media, photography, even exotic stuff like bonsai, beaded crochet, wood carving) but traditional watercolours are still the one thing I always return to . Same story with chinese brushes: I bought my first ones back then because I had no money for sable and couldn’t stand artificial hair, and later found that i actually liked them better than most european brushes. Of course the ones from 20 years ago are pretty worn out now, but I keep buying similar ones.
By the way, I just found your blog, it’s a good read.

Thanks! Great to “meet” you:-)

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