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ME/CFS Awareness Day

Posted on: April 2, 2009

Altho this blog is primarily about art, I think I can take at least one day of the year to take note of the illness that circumscribes my life.  When I first came down with what Americans call Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I was totally bedbound and extremely weak.  Watercolors were no longer a part of my life, but I couldn’t give up art, so I began using colored markers and stick figures!

I’ve made progress since then with both the illness and my artwork, but watercolors are still out.  Funnily, that’s what I majored in at art school.  And the way I learned it and then practiced it for 20 years was that you work on a painting until it is finished.

I can only work for a limited period of time and then I have to lie down and rest.  Some days, I’m too ill; others are much better.  So pause for just a minute to think about having your ability to do art, to work, to clean house, to cook, to hike, taken away overnight.

Myalgic encephamyalitis (ME) is what it’s called in the rest of the world, and is more appropriate since this is a neurological condition that affects every part of the body and brain.




9 Responses to "ME/CFS Awareness Day"

Thank you for bringing the much needed exposure to this illness. People with “invisible illness” (meaning it isn’t something that can be seen like a broken leg in a cast) often are not treated with the same understanding as those with illnesses that can be seen.

I also wanted to tell you that I was going to make a video on the application of the wire on the back of paintings but I’m not sure I will be able to.

I can explain it to you.
I just screw an “eye screw” into the wood on the back of the canvas and then use thin wire and loop it threw the eye screw and wrap it around,

I thought CFS Awareness Day was May 12.

Yes, it IS May 12! I included the logo at the bottom that says May 12. But there will be a lot (relatively speaking) of hoopla on that date, and for those not aware of CFS, I thought I would just take the opportunity to talk abt how the illness has affected my life as an artist and a human being.

that IS sobering. thank you for writing about it. got your note about afr. amer. folk art. i don’t know of any- don’t own any, either. i only know about what i’ve seen here and there on the web or in magazines.

Hi Nina. I’m JoWynn’s friend Toni. I didn’t realize you had a blog until I saw a comment you left on JoWynn’s blog and realized that your name was “live” link so I clicked on it. I’ve just put your blog into my Google Reader so I can see each of your entries. JoWynn has occasionally shared your artwork with me and I love it.\

You may know that I also have CFS/ME. I love how you decided to raise awareness a month early!


Hi Toni,

Of course I know who you are. JoWynn speaks of you w great affection. I’m honored that you enjoy seeing my little “creations” and look forward to your comments any time.

[…] Nina: ME/CFS Awareness Day […]

Hi Nina! I am so proud of you and speak out about your condition!
You know that when we open up… a lot of people is helped! PEople that maybe never heard of it, people that took their life for granted and just stay grumpy even tough they have a perfect health!
I never heard of this until you told me months ago.
I am sorry there are not a medication that can make you go back to your watercolors everytime you feel!
Hugs always

you’re right, Val. It’s really important not to hide anything. Sometimes it takes being older to understand that we have nothing to be ashamed of, and we are beautiful just as we are (says the woman about to turn 60!).

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