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War is HELL! but ART is Amazing!!

Posted on: March 28, 2009


Since I’m stuck w strep throat, there’s no painting going on here, so I thought it might be fun to look at some famous paintings and learn a bit about them.  Most of you know this one; it’s “Guernica” by Pablo Picasso.  The Basque town of Guernica, Spain was totally destroyed in quite a brutal way during the Spanish Civil War by Generalissimo Franco w the help of Hitler. 

Picasso had been commissioned to paint a mural for the 1937 world’s fair in Paris, but he remained uninspired.  When the news of the Guernica destruction hit the Paris newspapers, Picasso saw in stark black and white just what had happened, and he began to draw “Guernica”.

The painting was not well-received by art critics at the time, but the power of the images is so strong that I would say it has become an icon; perhaps the most famous anti-war painting of all time.

I did get to see this once, but can’t remember where.  I do remember that I had to sit down and alternate studying it with looking away because the effect was so powerful.  Even now when I see a tiny image of it , I feel like I felt while looking at it.

Nothing soothing here.  From the almost blk and white starkness to each line and shape, it all cries of anguish and suffering.  My memory is that it is about 25′ long from side to side,  and 12′ high/

Please tell me what you think about this painting. Love? Hate? Boredom?  No matter what you think go here  to go inside this painting in a 3-D movie created by Lena Gieseke.  It is INCREDIBLE!


5 Responses to "War is HELL! but ART is Amazing!!"

When i was an exchange student at age 15, I got to see Guernica in Madrid. It was a powerful experience for me. The painting is so full of emotion and I really loved it.

I’ve seen Guernica, too. Probably in the 1970s. It was shown, maybe in Philadelphia or at the Met. No, I don’t think it was NY. Maybe D.C.? It was roped off so that viewers could not get close to it. Powerful. Over powering. So much more so than a small reproduction.

I like Guernica very much. That 3D thing is amazing (if a little slow on my laptop).

Hope you recover quickly.

I haven’t seen the original or anything with the size of original.
I cannot say I like Guernica, although I admire the work. It is very scary to me. So the real size Guernica would really scares me. All the emotion captured in the art are the ones I want to avoid.

The 3D movie was fantastic. I want to know how they made it.

I don’t have a clue how they made it except they mentioned photoshop. That word alone exhausts me:-)

I completely understand your desire to stay away from paintings like this. I did come away completely drained, but that happens often to me in a museum. No one will go to an art museum with me because I can’t just move from gallery to gallery like most people. One room of paintings is all I can take in, even if they’re happy paintings!

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