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Explain this!!

Posted on: March 24, 2009

I started this divorce 3 years ago, and told my husband that was the amount of time I needed to be ready to leave.  Interestingly, it has been exactly the amount of time to get rid of a house full of stuff (moving to a small apt.), build myself up physically, and emotionally/mentally prepare to leave my marriage and home of 22 yrs.  Did I adapt to the time frame?  Or did I predict correctly?

But what I find really “woo-woo”, is this preliminary sketch for a painting that shows me and Roxie flying free over the Chicago downtown (which they call “the loop”). At the time that I did this, I was planning to move to SW Michigan, which is on Lake Michigan, but Chicago had never entered my mind, even tho I have family there (maybe because I have family there:-)


Sometime after I did this quick study, I visited my family in Chicago, sat on the Lake Michigan beach, and bawled from the bottom of my soul.  This was where I needed to be; there was medical support, family support, and I could live a few blocks from the Lake.

So that’s where I’m headed.  So, what made me sketch a painting about flying over downtown Chicago before I had even the germ of  thought about moving there?  God only knows;-)  Maybe Roxie knows, too!



6 Responses to "Explain this!!"

Ah, the unconscious, the Spirit, knows.

I love keeping in touch with you this way.

It does help for things to go both ways, doesn’t it:-)

It’s probably best not to figure out why or how. It may hinder you from being able to sketch your future again 🙂

So looking forward to you flying free.

You and me both, sistah!!!

good luck with your new life and location 🙂

Thanks!! There will be lots of snow:-)

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