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I Deserve A Day of Rest

Posted on: March 21, 2009

and so do you!!!  Between editing my friend’s manuscript, massaging numbers for my divorce, trying to coordinate selling the house and all that needs to be done to move, and applying for medicare, I deserve  a lazy day, so that’s what I’m doing.

It’s good to do this on a regular basis and I should do it more often.  It allows thoughts to roam and/or to gel.  It allows new ideas in and shuffles n’ sorts the old stuff.  I think about how our parents or grandparents sat in rocking chairs on their porches and chatted with the neighbors — that makes me nostalgic for a life I’ve never experienced:-)

Well, a little bit when I first moved to this neighborhood.  We were the first of the younger generation to move in here and folks did sit on the covered porches when it rained and just enjoyed the smell of the rain, and a bit of gossip.  Now it’s all young people, and everyone is busy, busy, busy.  I understand it, but I don’t have to like it.

Quiet is so soothing for me.  I can hear the birds now who are beginning to build their nests.  I can see what’s popping out of the ground and compare it to last year.  It’s still a bit chilly for sitting out there, but a brisk walk around the block (that’s what I can manage) is delightful:-)

A funny nest story to share. I had collected a nest and left it outside (bugs!) until I was ready to use it in an artwork.  Well, the first time I checked, it looked much messier than I remembered it. But I wasn’t ready to use it yet. When I finally went to collect it,  it was completely gone.  After a bit of puzzling, I realized it was birds using the perfect sized sticks from an old nest to build a new one.  Birdie recycling:-)

Hope you get a chance to listen to some birdsong this week.



1 Response to "I Deserve A Day of Rest"

Lovely post. It’s great that you’re doing this.

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