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The Reluctant Goddess

Posted on: March 19, 2009

Here’s a painting I finished late this past year.  The conundrum for the artist with little money is —  what surface  to paint on.  Since I can’t get around to garage sales (old canvases & wood), I have to order.  Sometimes, I don’t have the bux, so I just paint on cardboard.  Not exactly archival — but who knew it would turn out to be something I liked and that someone would want?  So, I’m doing my best to make  it more sturdy before I send it off to it’s permanent home in Australiagoddess.

I was studying Goddess archetypes at the time, and just couldn’t get into the whole feel of it. I’ve always had trouble relating to myths of any kind; so Demeter, Athena and Aphrodite just didn’t seem to fit w this post-menopausal body:-)  That’s why this is called “The Reluctant Goddess”.

Everything but the kitchen sink in this one.  Acrylics paints, mediums, collage, stencils, molding paste, crayon, sparkles, stamping, and walnut ink.  Finished w a coating of beeswax.


7 Responses to "The Reluctant Goddess"

I’m imagining that the real thing would give even more feelings than the photographed one.
I’m glad to hear the story behind The Reluctant Goddess. 🙂

Gauguin painted on old sacks and all sorts.

I have a painting I did in 1991 on cardboard which looks just like it did the day I painted it. It’s acrylics, watercolour, ink, wax, PVA glue and crayon. The card has bowed a little (it did that the day I painted it) but so what? If it was framed I’m sure that would be ironed out. So that’s 18 years at least as long as you keep it away from damp and naked flames ;o)

Great painting. Proof that you don’t need posh materials to produce something wonderful.

I didn’t know Gauguin painted on old sacks! Makes sense, and what a wonderful texture for a background:-)

Absolutely marvelous! From the art history and art criticism I’ve read, artists have painted on anything and everything. There’ve been lots of great, poor artists whose works have endured. Blake longed to paint murals–like Giotto, great historic themes covering walls, but he was so poor that he had to make very small works. Very, very small.

Your work is a joy to behold.

If I can bring any joy to anyone, that truly makes me happy. Thanks.

Thanks for visiting my site…I like your reluctant goddess. When I post url addresses, I copy and paste it in new post. I usually just go to the site and copy the exact address from the window. I’m sure there’s another way but I haven’t learned what it is yet. If you noticed on my blog, I’m in the process of making a journal from cereal and cracker boxes, etc.

[…] A Gift of Friendship Posted on 1 June, 2009 by Rachel M I have received a heart warming gift from an artist friend Nina. It is a painting of The Reluctant Goddess. […]

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