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Hello and welcome!

Posted on: March 17, 2009

I’m new to the blogging world (such a dinosaur!), but I need a place to share my thoughts on art, life, chronic fatigue syndrome, and the myriad of subjects that intrigue me.

Art IS my way of living – with or without CFS. It has always put me in a state of what artists call “flow”, but it is surely a state of unconsciousness of some kind. I try to remember to turn the phone off, I center myself, often light a candle and say a prayer, turn towards my paints and brushes, and the next thing I know, it’s 4 hrs later!

Here’s my process of yesterday: a textural collage.  I actually started this as a background for some painting (that would come to me later:-), but I like it very much and am going to let it “perk” for awhile on it’s own.

note:  bad photo, the colors at the bottom are a true representation of the whole piece.  I’m too tired to take another photo  (you’re gonna read “too tired” a lot).


textured collage


13 Responses to "Hello and welcome!"

You’re on the digital universe. Such a rush. Keep up the good work and stay in touch.

Evanston in July or August:-)

OK, need help with the move? Our son Joe moved to Evanston this week. OK to chat on this but I’d like to do it “off line.” What’s your email?

Beautiful painting!! thank you so much for sharing it with me. great music too.

Hi Fern!

The music is from a Bill Moyers show where he interviewed the guy who did this. A young recording engineer in LA who “just happened to see this guy playing on the street” and decided to take the song around the world (w technology). Now, he’s got a whole foundation building schools for kids. He’s not more than 30 and has an amazing energy.

I’m glad that you decided to do this. And you are already doing well. I’m also looking forward to find the Nina I don’t know yet. (If there still is.) 😉

It would be also great if you could tell us “behind the scene” stories of your art pieces.

Happy Blogging!

Hi Rachel,

The thing about my art is that often there’s NOT a behind-the-scenes story because I don’t think while I”m doing it. I’m sure whichever side of my brain that does this is hard at work, but I’m not:-)

But I’ll tell the story whenever there is one.

I love this piece and hearing you talk about it on your brand new shiney blog is brilliant!

I hope both the art and the blog go from strength to strength.

hello! I lok forward to reading your blog!

I look forward to your insights!

Hi and welcome
this blog thing is fun
thanks for sharing your work
hope you also meet good people here

I love your flying painting


Thanks, swatch. I hope once I move, I can do the full painting. I do like this blogging, altho it does take time away from painting!

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